Sticking our Stray Light Reduction Kit on a White Lens Hood

The Existence of Compatible Lens Hoods

Hello, this is Teppei from KOYO Orient JAPAN.


I usually check around Amazon when I want to buy a base body of a camera to test our Anti-Stray Light Kit. (Regarding the original lens hood of Nikon, I feel that Amazon offers the lowest price compared to other mail order sites.)


There are so many compatible lens hoods for many different cameras on the market. The price is usually around US$ 10, and it is relatively cheaper than the original products. On the other hand, in regards to the Anti-Stray light effect, it is said that many products are inferior compared to the originals. In other words, if you take a compatible lens hood and implement our stray light reduction kit, I think it would be a good combination. It is the so-called "Win-Win" relationship.


However, I am wondering how accurately such compatible products are made. The reason of my concerning is because our kit length is designed according to the original products’ inner development length.


For example, if the inner diameter of the compatible product is 1mm smaller than the original's, then the development length of the inner circumference becomes 3mm or shorter. Even though our kit has some room for gaps, if it is more than 3mm, it cannot be properly fit.

The search for a White compatible lens hood

After a certain while, I found a white compatible lens hood.


First off, have you ever seen a White camera lens?


A representative is Canon's high-end white lens. It is said the reason behind the white color is to prevent heat, and at the same time, it grew its brand image as a luxurious lens.


Another is Canon's EOS Kiss white lens kit. This also has a white color, but it's the more popular, lower-priced model. In order to change people's image of "all cameras are monotone black," the color of the camera body and lens has been changed to a fashionable white.


However, it seems that black is the base color for the originals' lens hoods. So, it would be a mismatch of color if you used the original black lens hood on a white lens. That is the reason why such white compatible lens hoods has been released by third parties.

While searching around, I found something good. It is the “Canon compatible Lens Hood (EW-63C White) released by Glory.


It's the leftmost lens hood in the photo above.


This is the model that matches to the EOS Kiss white lens kit. I also saw some review comments that the matte texture is fit and looks so good. It's good because of its lower price, but on the other hand this means that the inner surface has NO Anti-stray light treatment. So, if you use our Stray-Light Reduction kit, you may be very satisfied.  It's a Win-Win!   I have decided to buy the EW-63C White for the test.

Sticking our Stray Light Reduction kit on the compatible lens hood. Will it fit properly?

a white lens hood (Canon EW-63C)

The Canon Compatible Lens Hood (EW-63C White) by Glory has just arrived. A message card and a mobile phone cleaner were included as a gift.


Actually, we don't have an original Canon lens, so we can't clearly judge whether the color matches or not, but we can say that the matte finishing is bringing some good vibes.


So let's try to stick our kit on it right now!

A white lens hood and Fineshut anti-reflection kit(KOYO Orient japan) for EW-63C.

We'll be using our Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit for the EW-63C. This kit is now on sale on Amazon, so please check it from here!

sticking anti-stray light kit for a white lens hood

I'm now trying to stick them on it. After I finished, I was amazed to how easy it was!


The inside surface of the original lens hood is rough because it has Anti-Stray light treatment and is painted with a black color. On the other hand, the inside surface of this compatible lens hood is quite smooth. It seems that it's just molded.


In order to stick our Lens Hood Stray Light Reduction kit to the inside of the lens hood, first you should make the kit wet by water with dish-washing detergent. Using the such liquid will decrease the friction, so you can stick the kit in a good position.


For this time, I added a normal amount of dish-washing detergent (about 5% of the water), so it became very slippery. Thanks to this, final position adjustment was quite easy.


Now let's take a look at the most important point of this test, the shape....

It fits very well!!

What is the technology behind in making the shape of the compatible lens hood as exactly the same as the original?  It's so amazing.


Anyway, isn't it so cool? By the linear cutting line, don’t you feel it looks like a mechanical? If you are an EOS Kiss loyal customer, you should check out the white color and the Anti-stray light effect level like flocking finish.


If you are interested, please try it!

a man holding white lens hood with anti-reflection kit

Pose with a satisfied smile!


Additional notice,


Because these compatible lens hood may have some specification change or manufactured period deference or dimension dispersion of each product, so please take into consideration that the result of this fit-ness test was one of the lucky results.


Thanks for reading and please check out our other blogs!

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