Lens Hood Stray Light Reduction kit for HB-84 released

To the users for AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR

To the users for AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f / 5.6E PF ED VR


Hello, this is Teppei in charge of new products of Kopro.


As we announced in a previous blog, today's topic is the development completion of the Stray Light Reduction kit for lens food HB-84 which is used for 500mm f / 5.6E PF ED VR.

The specification of HB-84 kit

Today's introduction of lens hood stray light reduction kit is for the AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR which is Nikon's latest telephoto lens. This kit is made of Fineshut SP0.2 like others too. and provide anti-Stray light performance almost as same as Flocking finish.

Comparison before and after pasting Fineshut lens hood stray light reduction kit
Before processing/After pasting Fineshut

It is about the comparison of the light reflection against the incoming light as usual. By the FineShut anti-Stray light effect, our kit can give better light absorption performance than untreated.


This lens hood is for 500mm, so it’s quite big!  It has Φ120mm and length is around 80mm. Since the inner surface area of the lens hood is quite large, in case of backlighting, the effect of stray light may be bigger than wide-angle lenses.


Although this is a simple and slight improvement in optical performance but repeating such slight improvements will lead to the big difference of image quality finally. These customizing is the recommendation to users who are particular to the image quality.

Fineshut lens hood stray light reduction kit for NIKON HB-84

By three pieces of same seal can make one inner circle. If you buy the kit, one extra seal is packed together. The counterbore in the lower side of the seal is for escape from the put on/off button on the lens hood. Basically, the counterbore is necessary for only one seal, but since the root position is almost hidden, so we judged the counterbore issue would be ignorable. So, we decided to make all three shapes were same.


Because the sticking area is large, and the inner surface of the lens hood is rough with anti-Stray light paint, so we recommend you use around 10% high density detergent water for smooth sticking. Because of high density detergent, bubbles may appear a lot during the sticking process, so after positioning finished or drying, we recommend washing the surface and the lens hood body with a tap water and rinse it off. It will wash off excess detergent.

In additions

Because this product uses a lot of materials, so the price is around JPY3,600. Considering

the price of lens hood price that is around JPY5,000. So, you may feel our kit should be a

little expensive. But we are very sorry, it comes from the high material costs.


I think, because of the characteristics of the 500mm lens, it seems it is used in harsh backlight environments often, such as birds’ photos or airplanes photos. when we see the review comments of this product, we sometimes see a little negative opinion, like decreasing in contrast due to the backlight. So, we believe our stray light reduction kit can contribute to the improvement of optical performance for this lens food.


About the next notice, we are currently developing a kit for AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f / 1.4G lens hood, HB-68, which became a hot topic in next-generation optical design.


We are planning to design for Fujifilm and Sony standard lenses. If you have any other requests or comments, please let us know. We are waiting for your request!


* This product is on sale at Amazon. Please purchase from the link below.


HB-84 / JPY3,200

AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR

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