Sales start of Stray Light Reduction kit for Nikon HB-68 and SONY ALC-SH109

First of all, to Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f / 1.4G users

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Today's first topic is the sales of beginning the anti-Stray light kit for HB-68, which is the lens hood of AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f / 1.4G.

The kit specifications for HB-68

This lens became a very hot topic when it launched, because it was the next-generation optical design by Nikon's new optical measuring devices. In particular, the ability to depict distant views is outstanding, so it is quite good for night views and starry sky photos.


On the other hand, if the photography environment has a big difference in brightness, the diffused reflection may become a big concerning. In that case if you regretted that you have not bought a flocking finish type, you should better to use our kit and customized by yourself.

Comparison after attaching Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit
Untreated / After stick Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit

This time is the comparison of the light reflection against the incoming light as usual as before. Please see the above photo, on the left side, which is an anti-Stray light paint treated, and it almost normal method to Nikon products. On the other hand, the right half of the photo is our Stray Light Reduction kit treatment. By the effect of anti-Stray light of Fineshut material, it performs more light absorption to the incident light.

Fineshut Lens hood Stray Light Reduction kit for HB-84 NIKON

Since our kits are flower-shaped hood, those parts are composed of each two pieces of large and small parts. If you buy it, one piece of large and small are included as a spare parts. By the way, since the inner surface of the lens hood is rough because of the anti-Stray light paint treatment, so it needs a technique when you stick the kit. We recommend you prepare a certain amount of water which is put large amount of dish washing detergent. The more the detergent is added, easier you can position it by becoming less friction. After the kit positioning or drying done, you should wash the kit surface and the lens hood body with tap water. The tap water would take away excess detergent.


You may feel the price is not low, JPY1,100 yen including tax. But any way we have started to sell them on Amazon. Please check it!

Next is a topic for the users of, SONY 28-75mm F2.8 SAM, E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS.

Sorry for having been kept SONY users waiting!  Now the time for introduction of our first product for SONY.  The first product is the anti-Stray light kit for ALC-SH109 lens hood. ALC-SH109 is the accessory of the lens of 28-75mm f / 2.8 SAM and E 18-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 OSS.


After SONY entering the full-size mirrorless market, they have been getting numbers of users rapidly, and thanks for it, we also having been receiving more and more requests for the lens hood.

Specification of ALC-SH109 kit

Comparison after attaching Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit for ALC-SH109 SONY
Untreated / After Fineshut stuck

ALC-SH109 itself has not so good function of anti-Stray light, because it is for low end standard lenses. By looking at it, we can see only a little mat feeling on it. So, it may not have anti-Stray light coating. So, if you use our anti-Stray light kit, it may sure to improve remarkably.

Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit for SONY ALC-SH109

This kit is also a flower-shaped hood. The sticking surface of ALC-SH109 is less matte feeling and smooth, so it may be easier positioning and sticking. Even if you not use a large amount of detergent mixing as lubricant use, kit will slide smoothly, so you can position it exactly.


Above products are now on sale on Amazon. Below is a link to each sales page.      HB-68/JPY1,100  

ALC-SH109 / JPY 800


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