Fineshut "KIWAMI" is now on sale on Amazon!

Hello, this is Teppei from Koyo Orient Japan.

Two sizes of fineshut KIWAMI, 190mm x 53mm and 480mm x 280mm, are available for purchase on Amazon! Until now we were doing sales only for B to B, but now individuals can also purchase this product! I would like to introduce them for today's topic.

"KIWAMI" 190mm x 53mm

Fineshut KIWAMI 190mm x 53mm sale on Amazon

The 190mm x 53mm size is intended for use in the mount adapter market, which has been gaining popularity due to the full-scale launch of mirrorless systems by both Nikon and Canon. A lot of new mount adapters were announced at CP+(Camera & Photo Imaging Show Exhibition held in Yokohama) the other day.


Previous mount adapters were so simple and had no electronic contacts, so such items were just used for manias of old lens. But recent mount adapters have been well developed and have some functions, like focusing or aperturing owing to the electric contacts. Furthermore, compatibility also developed, so those mount adapters can be used for other company's products too.


The mount adapter is located very close to the sensor, so it affects the image quality a lot caused by the stray light effect. As the market is expanding, the quality of these products, including overseas, is rapidly becoming better.  But now, it seems that the mainstream solution for stray light prevention is done by anti-Stray light coating or shading grooves.


The anti-Stray light coating process is the same as the genuine lens hood, but honestly, the performance is not so good. That may be because the durability against the fingers touch and the anti-stray light performance have a trade-off relationship. Because, each quality needs to be ensured on the same surface. Turner's acrylic paint " JET BLACK ", familiar to DIY camera repairs, has very high performance to anti-Stray light but unfortunately, it has almost no durability for finger touching.


In that issue, our FINESHUT series DO have anti-stray light function by the 3D surface of urethane sponge, so the structure will not be broken due to its flexibility even touched by fingers. Why don't you use the FINESHUT KIWAMI as a custom part for your mount adapter? It is very easy handling and has no flocking hair drop. 

Comparison of mount adapter with FINESHUT KIWAMI

"KIWAMI" 480mm x 280mm

Fineshut KIWAMI 480mm x 280mm sale on

Next is 480mm x 280mm. Since this is a standard size, it is the size that has already been delivered to many companies with B to B transactions. At the beginning, we assumed to have business with some companies making consumer digital cameras. But also, we have lots of inquiry from various companies, as inspection machines for LCDs or semiconductors etc.


Anyway, we would like to make further service proposals so that our products can contribute to the optical industries development. We always appreciate your big support. Thank you!


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