The Blackest Paint in the World!? Black 3.0 put to the test!

the blackest paint?Black2.0,Jetblack and Black3.0

World's Blackest Black!

Hello, it's Teppei. I am in the new product development department at KoPro.


Last month, we exhibited at OPIE'19, one of the largest optical exhibitions in Japan at Pacifico Yokohama. The exhibition of our fine anti-reflection material “FineShut KIWAMI” was very popular. We got pretty busy with B to B projects for a while.

Also, at the exhibition, I finally saw a sample of the world's blackest surface treatment, Vantablack!

It’s so black that you don’t see the unevenness. However, I heard that the object to be treated with must have a heat resistance of 400℃ or higher and there's the problems related to the safety of carbon nano tubes, so I felt that there was still no opportunity for the general public to use it. On top of that, the price is very high.


Now, this article will test the Black 3.0 paint, the successor of Black 2.0. This blog is a continuation of our previous blog post. If you haven't read it yet, please check it out.

This is a comparison article between Black 2.0, a paint which was born from the fight over the right to use VantaBlack, and Japan's super black acrylic paint, Turner Jet Black. Check out the results!

>>Black 2.0 vs Turner Jet Black!

The Blackest Paint in the World?

This time, we will evaluate"Black 3.0," a super black paint sold by British artist Stuart Semple, a new product that further enhances the light absorption performance of the conventional product Black 2.0. It was announced on the cloud funding site Kick Starter, promoting it as the "World's Blackest Black". In just three and a half months from the announcement on January 28, 19 to the writing of this article, they have collected about $633,727. It can be considered as a great success with an amount approaching 20 times the investment target amount of the project.

The site is here.

>>Kick Starter "The blackest black paint in the world! Black 3.0"

I was one of those who invested in order to get my hands on the product quickly.

Since our company is working to prevent stray light of optical equipment, such light-absorbing paint must be obtained and evaluated.


It costs about $23.40 (25 pounds) for a 150ml bottle. However this time we bought a set of 2 for a quicker arrival, and we paid the shipping fee from the UK, so it cost about $100 in total. It's not exactly cheap.


That's why I had high expectations. Because it is advertised as 

“the blackest black in the world!”

Honestly, their self-proclaimed “The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material,” Black 2.0 was a disappointing result for us...


It was our first time to use Kick Starter, but because this project had already achieved its goal, it was easy to use as if it were an ordinary mail order site. In about 4-5 days time, Black 3.0 was delivered to us all the way from England.

Let's paint with Black 3.0

Let's begin by opening the packaging. Because I bought the Black 3.0 in a higher priced plan, it was lively with various bonuses.

The black sticker says "blackest!" as usual... They also don't forget the habit of making fun of artist Anish Kapoor, who started the battle over the right to use VantaBlack. The Button Badges says "My name is not Anish Kapoor". It's kind of hilarious.

Also on the lower left hand corner, there's a pencil with a "THE BLACKEST PINK" printing on it...though it seems to be just an ordinary black pencil. Cool?

However, it was the rubber bracelet that I couldn't stand personally. As usual, it is labeled as “THE SUPPORTERIEST SUPPORTER”. But that's not the problem.


In case you were wondering, I was mainly in charge of exterior rubber parts in the international procurement business of the head office. So that's why I was a little triggered....

To put it bluntly, the quality of this finish is terrible. This rubber product has the dirtiest burr finish I have ever seen. How can I describe this in English?

"The World's Burriest Rubber band"?

In all fairness, it is certainly difficult to finish the ring-shaped outer rubber. I understand that through my experience.



So, if you are having trouble procuring such parts, leave it to our international procurement business at Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd. We have been good at supplying difficult exterior rubbers, especially rubber rings for SLR Lens, since our founding, and have achieved stable shipments of 300,000 units / month to optical manufacturers with high quality requirements. Utilizing production bases in Japan and Thailand, it has excellent cost merit ... Whoops, my apologies. I didn't intend to advertise our company. Honest.

Anyways, back to the main deal.

The Black 3.0 bottle is in a paper tube and is packaged in pink letters. We purchased 2 bottles of 150 ml this time. 


First, let's paint on drawing paper and take a quick look at the difference in blackness between the previous Black 2.0 and the newer Black 3.0 products. Black 2.0 seems to have a viscosity when dropped, but Black 3.0 is clearly less viscous and falls off. How do they work?

Black 2.0 on the left and Black 3.0 on the right. It looks a bit warped because I painted it on drawing paper.

So surely Black 3.0 is blacker...and it is but not by that much. 


To me the impact here is little. It claims that it is the best black in the world, but I honestly don't think so. 


Just like last time, let's compare Black 3.0 with the classic D.I.Y favorite camera enthusiast of Japan, Turner's acrylic paint, Jet Black. If you remember from the previous blog this is the black that overwhelmed Black 2.0.

Drum roll please.....


YEP. Jet Black is once again the superior black.


The results were quite underwhelming for Black 3.0 promoted as “the blackest paint in the world” ? Below is a picture taken under sunlight through glass. The same result in a natural lighting environment.

Comparison of black paint.black2.0/Turner's jetblack/black3.0

Conclusion: Unfortunately, Black 3.0 is NOT the blackest paint in the world

The self-proclaimed “blackest in the world” Black 3.0 has been found to be less black than Jet Black, just like the previous Black 2.0. If you seek blackness, then you don't have to buy this paint from the UK. In addition, Jet Black has a matte texture, and a smooth jet black surface can be obtained.


However, as explained in the previous comparison, Jet Black will immediately gloss when touched. This is the fate of matte black that scatters light due to the uneven shape of the surface, but it is is slightly more durable than Black 3.0.

However, in the advertisement that it is the blackest in the world, collecting nearly $651,770 in three and a half months...

I think it touches the hype prohibition law, doesn't it?


I would like Turner to increase the export of Jet Black and deliver it to artists around the world and D.I.Y enthusiasts looking for anti-reflection paints. Or perhaps changing the product name of Jet Black to “Black 4.0" may be effective.


Exciting news! 


We will begin sales of our black paint "Musou Black" soon! This is the blackest water-based acrylic paint in the world! It has a light absorption rate of 99.2% in the visible light range, which is equivalent to that of our black material, FineShut KIWAMI. For more information, please visit the product site and stay tuned!

What's this? A super light-absorbing urethane sheet that covers the visible light to near infrared range of our products? 

Yes it is. Simply cut and paste it. Easy-to-use internal anti-reflection sticker. I'm not going to advertise here, but just put it on the comparison board a while ago. Just for reference. 

fineshutkiwami now on sale at amazon
Comparison between fineshut/fineshutkiwami and black paints(black2.0/jetblack/black3.0




Thank you for reading!!

>> Check out our Ultra black sheet Fineshut SP and Fineshut KIWAMI pages!!

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Comments: 5
  • #1

    Lory (Monday, 26 October 2020 00:08)

    It seems that Black 2.0 and 3.0 need to have a proper procedure followed to get the best results. It’s not something that can just be slopped onto a piece of paper. I’ve seen this paint in action and it looks nothing like this. It really is quite black. Try again.

  • #2

    Random annoyed person (Friday, 30 October 2020 08:42)

    Yea it need multiple coats and there is a toutuber who has tested this a lot and melted plydtirine by shining a bright flashlight onto it that looks like 1 coat

  • #3

    Martin (Monday, 18 January 2021 19:58)

    I slapped blackest black 3 on a ceiling here for a night time scene. The black wall paint I bought at a DIY store did a better job (first noticed by using the store paint as a black undercoat for bb3, and it being darker than the bb3). Multiple bb3 coats didn't help. Even contacted the BB3 makers on the subject and had a bit of an email back and forth. Wasn't happy. Ended up overpainting it all with the wall paint.

  • #4

    Mike (Friday, 02 April 2021 19:35)

    Ironically,having used black 2 and 3 a bit, I have to agree with everyone to a degree. Black 3 in particular is finicky even when following best practices. But when it works Lory is right it looks much better than is presented here. And there is markedly more 2 to 3 difference than shown. The jet black looks much darker, But not after it’s been touched. Black 3 takes sone contact with care. It is just easily damaged by rough contact. not all contact.. Black 2 has tolerated regular light contact (I use them both on miniatures for rpgs) as it is basically a very matte, highly pigment loaded, very black, standard acrylic paint. It’s about as good as it gets for paint on objects that ate touched regularly. I’d Black 3 is better than presented here but is often challenging to get best results. ,The rubber bracelet review is, if anything, too kind. It is , as Stuart Semple, would say, rubbish.
    But Martin is also right. On a ceiling, for all but the most dedicated and lucky. a very black standard interior paint or black 2 is going to be better. Most ceiling surfaces would have to be rigorously sealed, primed ,, and then black 3 airbrushed on in very thin layers, followed by blowing heated air over it between each layer. By the time you were done you’d probably wish you’d just spent the money and covered it with Fineshut KIWAMI.

    I haven’t tried Mosou black paint yet. Given it’s an acrylic paint claiming lower viable light reflection than Nano labs carbon nanotubule based coating singularity black, I’m really excited for mine to arrive so I can play with it. . But even if it is the blackest, there -will probably be situations it will not be the best for the job.and another ultrablack will be the best fit.

  • #5

    James (Saturday, 27 November 2021 04:00)

    As an early kickstarter support of BB3, I was bitterly disappointed when the paint arrived and failed to surpass even carbon black from Golden. Now I'm wondering, can you do a fair review of Semple's whitest white? Seems like most people on the internet are easily blinded by hype and catchy taglines.