Black 3.0 vs Vantablack VBx2 vs Musou Black: Which is the World's Blackest paint?

Black 3.0 vs Musou Black

A little bit of 3.0 history: Anish Kapoor vs Stuart Semple

In 2016, an Indian-born British artist named Anish Kapoor was given exclusive rights to use Vantablack, the darkest material in the world with an absorption rate of 99.96%. This sparked a furious reaction from fellow artists; some have stated that they have never heard of an artist monopolizing a material, while others stated that this was downright immoral. One artist in particular, Stuart Semple, retaliated by developing his own "blackest black" paint that was made available for everyone to use, all except for Anish Kapoor.  

Black 3.0

Black 3.0

As the name suggests, this is Stuart Semple's third effort to develop the blackest black paint. Black 3.0's predecessor, "Black 2.0" was released back in March of 2017 with a visible light absorption rate of 95%.


Around 2 years later, on January 28th, 2019, funding for Black 3.0 began on the crowdfunding site Kick Starter, promoting it as the "World's Blackest Black". They claimed that this paint has a visible light absorption rate of 99%! In just three and a half months, they have collected around 634,000 USD.  A monumental success, as they have collected 20 times the amount of their project goal. Many were excited to get their hands on a bottle and try it out themselves, as were we.


During the fundraiser, we got our hands on a bottle of 3.0 and have made comparisons with other black paints. You can check out that comparison here

Musou Black

Musou Black

Around 1 year later, on the other side of the world, a new black paint was born. Inspired by Stuart Semple's achievement of developing a blackest black paint that anyone could use, we have developed Black 3.0's successor, "Musou Black." Musou Black is a water-based acrylic paint with an astonishing light absorption rate of 99.2%! Its performance is similar to that of our FineShut series as a water-based paint! For more information click here.

Comparison between Black 3.0 & Musou Black

Black 3.0 vs Musou Black

As you can see here, Black 3.0 is no longer the "World's Blackest Black" paint. After testing, we found out that Black 3.0's true absorption rate is around 97.5%. Although Black 3.0's and Musou Black's absorption rates are kind of close, (Black 3.0=97.5%, Musou Black=99.2%), you can see that there is a clear difference between the two. Musou Black has a matte texture and it is easy to make a non-reflective smooth surface. It is time to pass the black crown onto the next generation of black. 

One Step Closer to Anish Kapoor

Inspired by Black 3.0, we have developed Musou Black in hopes of succeeding Stuart Semple's dream and create the new generation of the "World's Blackest Black" that is available for use for everyone. With Musou Black, we are one step closer to Anish Kapoor. Each step we take will bring us closer to Anish Kapoor until finally we'll be standing right next to him. Perhaps, one day we will be one step ahead of Anish Kapoor.

Black 3.0 vs Musou Black, Vantablack

Bonus comparison: Vantablack VBX2

Right now, you may be thinking "Well, what about Vantablack then? Isn't that the darkest thing in the world?" And yes, you are correct. Vantablack is the world's darkest MATERIAL, it is not a paint. Vantablack is made out of carbon nanotubes  that achieves its astonishing 99.96% absorption rate. With that being said, Surrey Nanosystems (the developer of Vantablack) has developed a paint version of Vantablack called "Vantablack VBx2." This paint was used in their collaboration with BMW. According to their catalog, the absorption rate of this paint is 99%. 


Although the difference is small, this means that Musou Black is darker with its 99.2% absorption rate.

The World's Darkest Paint title goes to...


♛ MUSOU BLACK (99.2% absorption rate).


Second place goes to... Vantablack VBx2 (99% absorption rate).


Third place goes to... Black 3.0 (97.5% absorption rate).

Thank you for reading until the end! We hope you enjoyed and hope that everyone is well! Until next time, take care!


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