21. May 2020
Hello everyone! From photographer to researcher and friend to optical DIY materials, I am Teppei from KoPro. We are very happy to see that our latest product, "Musou Black," the World's Blackest water-based acrylic Paint, has become a hot topic recently! We apologize for the lack of stock! We would like to thank all of you for purchasing and posting your creations on social media. Please check them out at #musoublack on Twitter and Instagram! For today, I would like to introduce another...
14. May 2020
Black 3.0 vs Vantablack VBx2 vs Musou Black: Which is the World's Blackest Paint?
In 2016, an Indian-born British artist named Anish Kapoor was given exclusive rights to use Vantablack, the darkest material in the world with an absorption rate of 99.96%. This sparked a furious reaction from fellow artists; some have stated that they have never heard of an artist monopolizing a material, while others stated that this was downright immoral. One artist in particular, Stuart Semple, retaliated by developing his own "blackest black" paint that was made available for everyone to...
17. March 2020
Hello everyone. My name is Teppei of KOYO Orient JAPAN’s Product Division. We receive many inquiries about our super light absorption sheet "FineShut” regarding its effectiveness in the prevention of internal reflection caused by Near-Infrared (NR) light. “FineShut” has mainly been utilized in Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras so I asked myself, “What exactly is Infrared?” I immediately began to research about it. I’ve attended seminars and asked our customers about it and the more...
13. February 2020
Hi, I'm Teppei of KOYO Orient Japan again. We have some exciting news! But first... Do you know about the world's blackest car from BMW? It is a super black painted car that was showcased at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in 2019. The car was painted with "Vantablack VBx2", developed by Surrey NanoSystems. Take a look at some of these videos!
16. December 2019
Hello to all optical designers and signboard builders who require anti-reflective black color. I'm Teppei and we develop and sell ultra black anti-reflective sheet "FineShut" at KOYO Orient JAPAN. Right off the bat, have you ever thought about how the black level for the black painting or black printing on signboards is evaluated? We are evaluating black level by the index of "Total reflection". According to its result, the total reflectance of black paint on signboards is from 3% to 10% or so...
17. September 2019
Hello, this is Teppei of Koyo Orient Japan. Our company develops and sells light-absorbing sheets "FineShut" for internal Stray light reduction. So, we always need to know our competitors, and one that we cannot ignore is the BLACKEST surface treatment “Vantablack”. This is a surface treatment technology developed by Surrey NanoSystems based in the UK. Its special feature is its very black color! It has become a kind of symbolic black, so if we were to compare our kit with the Vantablack...
18. March 2019
Hi, I am Teppei of KoPro! As a feature of our anti-reflection material, "FineShut" series, "absorbing near-infrared" is one of its priding features. First, what is near-infrared in the first place? Humans can visually perceive electromagnetic waves in the wavelength range of 380 to 750 nm. The short wavelength up to 380nm is recognized as violet while the long wavelength up to 750nm is recognized as red. Wavelength range exceeding red 750 nm is called infrared.
11. March 2019
Fineshut KIWAMI 190mm x 53mm sale on Amazon
Hello, this is Teppei from Koyo Orient Japan. Two sizes of fineshut KIWAMI, 190mm x 53mm and 480mm x 280mm, are available for purchase on Amazon! Until now we were doing sales only for B to B, but now individuals can also purchase this product! I would like to introduce them for today's topic.
05. March 2019
Field test! Improvement of image quality by using Fineshut anti-reflective stickers inside a lens mount adapter
Hi this is Teppei, from Koyo Orient Japan. We have started general sales of the 'ultra-anti-reflective material': Fineshut KIWAMI, developed by our company this week. The sticker is made by laminating a PET-based adhesive to our proprietary material, making reducing reflections easier than ever! Its fantastic effect can be seen when applied to the inside of an inexpensive lens mount adaptor. This time, I will use a Fujifilm X-H1 camera and a vintage Minolta MD50mm F1.7 lens attached via a MD-FX...
10. December 2018
Comparison after attaching Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit for HB-68
Hello, this is Teppei from Koyo Orient Japan. Today, I would like to share that sales for the anti-Stray light kit for HB-68, which is the lens hood of AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f / 1.4G, has begun.

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