Ultra light absorbing flock sheet

The best solution against internal reflection in the visible light

Ultra light absorbing flock sheet is a material which has been used long years for anti-reflective parts, especially at the sliding portion in an optical equipment.


It has low glossy nylon fiber pile planted by electrostatic on rayon fabric base, so it realizes good for the inner surface anti-reflective performance which is very stuck by optical equipment makers.

Koyo Flock sheet Reflectance


Its total reflectance in the visible light range is 0.6-0.8%, which is the lowest reflection among our anti-reflective materials.

In addition, the price is lower than our Fineshut series, so it is quite good for making an anti-reflection darkroom.


So, it is also adopting as a similar use at photo studio of major camera makers.


However, flocking cloth has a weak point of dust generation by hair dropping, so you should be careful when you use it at high cleanness area or use as internal parts of precision equipment. 

On the other hand, since it has no anti-reflection effect for near infrared, so it sometimes happens look black becomes reddish black when you use some wide wavelength sensitivity cameras.

*Although it has a high effect on anti-glare, it cannot be used as a car interior material because there is no guarantee about flame retardancy.

Product Specifications


  Rayon base cloth / nylon pile


0.9mm ± 0.2mm

Standard Size   950mm x 400mm

In the area of about 20 mm from the edge, there are non-flocked area and some punch holes. But it has even more than 950mm effective portion excluding these unusable areas.

The base is rayon fabric. No lamination of the double side tape.

Available of sample cutting just from only one piece

We have a laser processing machine and a single punch press machine, so we can provide you not only material sheets but also cut parts.

In addition, if you send us the parts which should be added anti-reflection function, we can consistently perform everything from cut design to processing and pasting by matching to the actual items.

Please feel free to contact us.

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