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Meet VL Flock Sheet's twin brother, "IR Flock Sheet"

The near-infrared sensing market has seen a remarkable increase in demand in recent years, including proximity sensors for automated driving and face recognition for smartphones. The IR Flock Sheet was developed as a material to prevent near-infrared reflection and stray light, which is necessary in this development field. By kneading carbon into the flocked pile, we succeeded in achieving a high light absorption performance not only in the visible light region, but also in the near infrared region.

※ When viewed by the naked eye, each person's perception towards "blackness" may differ            depending on the lighting environment.

The graph above shows the total reflectance rates ranging from visible light to near-infrared of 2500 nm. Our IR Flock Sheet achieves a total reflectance rate of 0.5% or less in the visible to near-infrared range, which is superior to our Fineshut KIWAMI material.


To take advantage of its excellent near-infrared light absorption property, we propose the following applications:

  • Dark curtain material for near-infrared non-reflective darkroom
  • Background curtain for near-infrared photography
  • Pseudo-infrared calibration of near-infrared sensor
  • Masking of unwanted objects in the proximity sensor test environment
  • Anti-reflection measures during near-infrared motion capture

Similarly to our VL Flock Sheet, a drawback of the flocking process is that little bits of trash may be generated due to hair loss, so please be careful when applying it somewhere where cleanliness is a top priority or in internal parts of precision equipment. 

Product Specifications

Our IR Flock Sheet is a rayon-base fabric that has been electrostatically flocked with a rayon pile. It can be used as a cloth to cover objects, or as a curtain by sewing it into a curtain shape and then hanging it.



・Rayon base fabric / rayon pile


0.9mm ± 0.2mm

 Standard Size

・950mm x 400mm

・950mm x 20m (Max Size)

Can be cut and sold in 950mm x meter increments

※There is an area of about 20mm on the corners that are non-flocked and has punch holes. This area is excluded from the effective length of the 950mm measurement. 

※In the case of wrinkles or creases, applying steam from an iron WITHOUT directly touching the material may improve its condition.

Custom Cut Services Available

Custom cuts can be made by laser or by punch press machine. In addition, we can accept parts and provide cut designing, processing, and pasting services.


Glue application services are also available.


For pricing, please refer to the following laser-cut cost calculation sheet.

Laser-cut Calculation Sheet v20210619 (E
Microsoft Excel Table 17.3 KB


Q: How do I clean it?


A: We recommend cleaning our IR Flock Sheet with an adhesive lint-roller or by dry-cleaning. We do not recommend washing as this will most likely drop its performance.


Q: Can it be touched?


A: It can be SOFTLY touched! If pressed firmly, marks will remain in the flocked area. Applying steam (without directly touching the flock sheet) can help remove these marks.

Download MSDS for IR Flock Sheet

IR Flock Sheet MSDS (Eng).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 84.1 KB

Direct Purchasing

IR Flock Sheet



  • 0.5 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-2 Weeks1

IR Flock Sheet with Glue



  • 5 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-2 Weeks1
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