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Fineshut KIWAMI with thinner tape



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This product is also available for purchase on our Amazon Japan, US, UK, and Germany stores! The respective links are below. For custom cut services, double-sided tape lamination, or if you are looking to purchase a large quantity, please send us an email at

Hemispherical reflectance of 1% or less in the visible to near infrared region (250 to 2000 nm)

Surface of Fineshut KIWAMI

Fineshut KIWAMI is a significant upgrade over Fineshut SP that improves the surface shape and light absorption performance. It is formed of light obstructing grooves and absorbs light emitted from the direction perpendicular to the grooves.


Particularly in the near-infrared range, it has the second-best light-absorbing performance among our products.  It achieves a total hemispherical reflectance of 1% or less in a wide wavelength range of 250 to 2000 nm with a thinness of only 0.37 mm!

Fineshut Reflectance

※ When viewed by the naked eye, each person's perception towards "blackness" may differ depending on the lighting environment.

The base material is fine urethane foam similar to Fineshut SP. Therefore it retains its features such as durability and ease of handling and complies with RoHS 2.0 regulations.

Live-Shot comparison with other Anti-reflective materials

Fineshut SP and Fineshut KIWAMI in comparison to other light-absorbing products at various exposure settings.

Below are two images, one taken with a normal camera and one with a near-infrared camera. You can observe the stable light-absorbing performance of Fineshut KIWAMI in both photos.

Finshut KIWAMI taked by Near infrared camera


  • Suppress light reflections inside of optical equipment
  • Absorb scattered light created by laser-based manufacturing machines
  • Non-reflective table for 3D scanning
  • Workbench mat for assembly and visual inspection
  • LiDAR target
  • Still life photograph's background
  • Non-reflective black QR code (right side).

It is also recommended for use inside lens mount adapters.

prevent stray light of mount adapter

For this, we recommend applying the FineShut by using the water-pasting method. Please take a look at the video below for instructions!

Custom Cut Services Available

We provide a cutting service using a laser processing machine to support prototype parts for small lots and short delivery times. Delivery is possible on the same day at the earliest.


The estimated cost for this service can be calculated by downloading the Excel file found below and entering the material and external dimensions of the parts in the red frame. However, the final cost will change depending on the requested shape, so the final price quote will be provided after receiving your design request. 


Additionally, we can create a customized design for you if you send us the actual parts that you want Fineshut applied to.


*Black double-sided tape made of a PET substrate is laminated to the back as a standard specification, but we can change it to double-sided tape upon request.

Laser-cut Calculation Sheet v20210619 (E
Microsoft Excel Table 17.3 KB

Product Specifications


 Total 0.42mm ± 0.05 mm

 (Fineshut KIWAMI 0.37 mm + Thinner tape 0.05 mm)


Standard sheet size

 53mm x  190mm

 280mm x 480mm

Caution on use

In order to maximize the light absorption effect by the grooved shape on the surface, please make sure that the direction of the grooves are perpendicular to the light source.


There is light transmission due to micro foaming and grooved structure, which makes the material semi-transparent. Therefore it can not be used to block the transmission of light.

Download Catalogue, MSDS, & Reflectance Data

English Catalogue
EN Fineshut Catalogue190809.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 446.8 KB
Chinese Catalogue
CN Finshut Catalogue201120.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 272.2 KB
Data of Reflectance
EN Fineshut Reflectance200423.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB

Shipping Information

FEDEX World Shipping Charge List Ver.202
Adobe Acrobat Document 427.4 KB
FEDEX JP Country Zone List.pdf
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