Fineshut SP 0.2 / 0.4

Product Outline

Fineshut SP is a light-absorbing anti-reflective sheet developed by Koyo Kogyo Co., Ltd., our predecessor. It uses ultra-fine foam polyurethane sheet, which combines excellent optical properties with an amazing thinness of 0.22 mm ~.

It is mainly used for stray light prevention in mirror box wall surfaces of single-lens reflex cameras. We ship around 10,000 m2 each year. This is equivalent to 2.4 million single-lens reflex cameras each year when converted to mirror box applications . It is a track record of stability and reliability that can withstand mass production. We also comply with RoHS 2.0 regulations.

Stable light absorption performance from visible light to infrared

Black nylon flocking treatment is a common material for anti-reflection treatment which exhibits a high light absorption effect in the visible light range, but has the disadvantage of reflecting light as it approaches the near infrared range . Fineshut SP can provide a stable light absorption effect from visible light to infrared light.

Mechanism of light absorption (Microporous Surface)

The photograph is an image of the surface of Fineshut which is observed with an electron microscope. The surface has a microporous structure enabling light to be absorbed by entering the uneven structure. The material is polyurethane which is highly durable and easy to handle. There is neither fiber loss nor fiber falling which is a problem in flocking treatment.


  • Suppress stray light for optical device
  • Absorption of scattered light by laser processing machines
  • Non-reflective table for 3D scanning
  • Work bench mat for assembly and visual inspection
  • LiDAR target
  • Still life photograph's background
  • Non reflection Black panel. (Right side)

Trial Production Support

We have a laser processing machine for trial production and a single-shot punching press in our company. We support not only the supply and manufacture of base material, but we also support production of pressed components for trial production.


In addition, by sending the target parts to which you want to add the anti-reflection function, it is possible to customize a cutting design for your inquiry.


For production of large quantity, it is possible to cope with your requirements through our production network. Please feel free to contact us.

Product Specifications

  • Thickness
    •  Fineshut SP 0.2 : 0.22mm±0.03
    •  Fineshut SP 0.4 : 0.40mm±0.03

             ※with adhesive tape 0.12mm or 0.05mm

  • Standard size
    •  Roll : 500mm x 130m
    •  Sheet : 400mm x 500mm

Download Catalogue and Reflectance Data

English Catalogue
EN Fineshut Catalogue190809.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 446.8 KB
Chinese Catalogue
CN Finshut Catalogue201120.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 272.2 KB
Data of Reflectance
EN Fineshut Reflectance200423.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB


This product is available for every optical design company who is troubled with stray light removal and anti-reflection measures, and every general user who work on DIY light.  In just one click from Amazon, kindly go to Amazon sales page from the link below.


If you can consider purchasing multiple sheets for company use, we may be able to offer cheaper proposals through direct sales, so please kindly contact us.

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