13. February 2020
Hi, I'm Teppei of KOYO Orient Japan again. Do you know about the world's blackest car from BMW? It is a super black painted car at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in 2019, painted with "Vantablack VBx2" of Surrey NanoSystems. Seeing is believing, check some videos linked below.
16. December 2019
Hello to all optical designers and signboard builders who require anti-reflective black color. I'm Teppei and we develop and sell ultra black anti-reflective sheet "FineShut" at KOYO Orient JAPAN. It's sudden, but have you ever thought about how the black level for the black painting or black printing on signboards is evaluated? We are evaluating black level by the index of " Total reflection". According to its result, the total reflectance of black paint on signboards is from 3% to 10% or so...
17. September 2019
Hello, this is Teppei of Koyo Orient Japan. We are the company developing and selling light-absorbing sheets "FineShut" for internal Stray light reduction. So, we always need to know our competitors, especially we can't escape from the BLACKEST surface treatment “Vantablack”. This is a surface treatment technology developed by Surrey NanoSystems based in the UK. At any rate, its special feature is such a very black color! It has become a kind of symbolic black, so comparing our kit with the...
16. May 2019
Hello,it's Teppei. I am in the new product development department at KoPro. Last month, we exhibited at OPIE'19, one of the largest optical exhibitions in Japan at Pacifico Yokohama. The exhibition of our fine anti-reflection material “FineShut KIWAMI” was very popular. It seems to be busy with B to B projects for a while. Also, at the exhibition, I finally saw the sample of the world's blackest surface treatment, Vantablack! It ’s black enough that you don’t even see the unevenness....
18. March 2019
Hi, I am Teppei at KOPRO product division. As a feature of our anti-reflection material, "Fine Shut" series, "absorbing near-infrared" is one of our priding features. First, what is the near-infrared in the first place? Humans can visually perceive electromagnetic waves in the wavelength range of 380 to 750 nm. The short wavelength up to 380nm is recognized as blue while the long wavelength up to 750nm is recognized as red. Wavelength range exceeding red 750 nm is called infrared.
11. March 2019
FineshutKIWAMI 190mm x 53mm sale on Amazon
Hello, this is Teppei in Koyo Orient Japan. Two sizes of fineshut KIWAMI, 190mm x 53mm and 480mm x 280mm, are available for purchase on Amazon too. We were doing sales activities only for B to B, but individuals can also purchase this product now. Today ’s topics are introductions for them.
05. March 2019
Hi this is Teppei, from Koyo Orient Japan. We have started general sales of 'Ultra-anti-reflective material', FineShut KIWAMI, developed by our company this week. It has become a product that easily take anti-reflection measures by only cutting and pasting the edge of materials. Let's just easily paste in an mount adapter and see its EFFECTS! This time, I will use Fujifilm X-H1 as the camera with about JPY 4,000 worth of MD-FX mount adaptor and Minolta MD50mm F1.7. Why use MD lens? Well,...
24. December 2018
Hi, I'm Teppei, the person-in-charge of KoPro. Are you familiar with VantaBlack? Known as "The darkest artifact in the world," it was developed by a British company, Surrey Nanosystems. It is a coating of carbon nanotubes, and is expected to be used in various industrial applications. "Ultimate black" seems to attract people in terms of visual aspect. An artist named Anish Kapoor of Great Britain has acquired exclusive rights over artistic use of VantaBlack. Another artist pitted another black...
10. December 2018
Comparison after attaching Fineshut Stray Light Reduction kit
Hello, this is Teppei in Koyo Orient Japan. Today's first topic is the sales of beginning the anti-Stray light kit for HB-68, which is the lens hood of AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f / 1.4G.
19. November 2018
To the users for AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f / 5.6E PF ED VR Hello, this is Teppei in charge of new products of Kopro. As we announced in a previous blog, today's topic is the development completion of the Stray Light Reduction kit for lens food HB-84 which is used for 500mm f / 5.6E PF ED VR.

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